Most Compact Solution, Least Design Effort: MTI MS710, MS510 and MS310 RFID Reader SiPs


The new MTI MS710, MS510 and MS310 RAIN RFID reader System-in-Package (SiP) with Impinj E family reader chips, and MTI optimized RF front-end circuitry supports a highly compact design while providing premium performance with efficient implementation effort.

Today, MTI announces the new MTI RFID reader SiPs, the most compact RAIN RFID reader SiP solution in the market. These new reader SiPs are designed to facilitate the development of wearable RAIN readers, portable RAIN devices, RAIN printers, smart appliances or any embedded RAIN solution where a compact sized RAIN reader solution is needed

The MTI RFID Reader SiPs provide 27 dBm output power, Self Jammer Cancellation, Dense Reader Mode (DRM), up to -88 dBm sensitivity inherited from Impinj E family reader chips as well as the design flexibility for variable design approaches, such as bi-static and mono-static approaches, higher output power up to 33 dBm by adding external power amplifiers or other components. These features are all integrated into an 11 mm x 11 mm package and there are only few discrete components, such as crystal, SAW filter(s) (if required) and power management circuitry, required externally to become a RAIN RFID turnkey reader module.


MTI RFID reader SiPs, including the MS710, MS510, and MS310, provide the possibility of smart appliances with an embedded RAIN solution, small size wearables, other portable readers and IoT devices by:

  • Up to 50% smaller space required for a RAIN RFID reader design
  • Up to 60% fewer required part counts for a RAIN RFID solution
  • Software- and pin-compatible designs for easy performance upgrades and design reuse between MS series SiPs.


A new, easy-to-use, MTI RFID Reader SiP Development Kit is also being released as part of this launch. A complete and comprehensive documentation, engineering drawings and example codes are included. It can help to facilitate the design with MTI RFID Reader SiP, while at the same time accelerating time-to-market.


MTI RFID Reader SiP will open the door to ubiquitous IoT applications. “By using Impinj E family reader chips, MTI’s MS series RAIN RFID reader SiPs achieve the size, power, and cost-optimization needed by IoT device manufacturers. We expect the SiPs to enable the development of small, low-power, RAIN-enabled IoT devices such as wearables, mobile POS and smart appliances, and further expand RAIN RFID adoption into embedded applications,” said Sri Sridharan, senior product management director at Impinj.


Benefiting from the highly integrated RF circuit, which greatly reduces the work of RF circuit development. Yentai Liu, Firmware Engineer at Arizon mentioned that "MS710 has already integrated the major portion of the RF circuit, which greatly reduces the required peripheral circuits. This can also reduce the efforts for parts procurement and inventory control. The embedded PA reduces the size of design for portable requirements as well. Furthermore the development documents and reference materials are complete. Accompanied with MTI’s proactive assist in the development, it does greatly help us to reduce the development pressure."


For the development of small sized compact readers for mobile applications, MTI RFID Reader SiP is the most suitable RAIN RFID solution. Sylvo Jaeger, CPO at Microsensys, a manufacturer of miniaturized RFID sensors and small sized reader components states: “MTI RFID Reader SiP and its compact form factor is a perfect fit for our vision of highly integrated components. The SiP with its integrated design paired with the performance of Impinj E family helps to reduce RF design efforts and time to market and will be a part of our next generation smart mobile readers and handheld/OEM reader modules.”


MTI RFID Reader SiP also helps to accelerate the development for traditional reader developers. Pike Chang, vice president at FAVEPC, mentioned “MTI RFID Reader SiP is embedded in our next generation fixed readers and reader modules. Not only the time-to-market is shortened by its highly integrated design but also the performance is significantly improved with the Impinj E family solution inside.”


In additional to the products offered to customers, MTI also support our customers with our strong technical support team. "RapidRadio was very lucky to find MTI Group as a partner for our UHF Reader program who not only supplied us the SiP quickly but also provided us with the much needed technical assistance as and when it was required. We must admit that on-time assistance really accelerated our time to market and provided us the needed confidence in going live." said Dhaval H Kotecha, managing director of RapidRadio Solutions Private Limited.

Available now, the MTI MS710, MS510 and MS310 RFID reader SiPs! Please contact for more information.  


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