Catch up with our capabilities

Design & Engineering Core Competencies

  • RRH/RU Design Capability
  • VSAT Design Capability、LNB Design Capability
  • RFID Design Capability、ODU Design Capability
  • COB Technology and Capability
  • ATS Development Capability
  • Mechanical Design Capability
  • Software / Firmware / DSP Expertise

  • MTI's extensive design experience and cross-engineering operations reduce the overall product development schedule to achieve time-to-market priority.
  • Our designs are based on experienced, well-done building blocks and advanced analyzed tools to flexibly fulfill valuable customer requirements.
  • Comprehensive circuit and EM design tools enable the development of new products from any circuit board level to mechanical EM cascaded and thermal analysis.
  • Through the design-for-manufacture DNA, we always realize customer products with superior quality and a cost-competitive guarantee, bringing your business to the market well in advance.
  • We experienced testing and assembly automation development to assure efficient design cycles, robust products, and consistent and cost-effective manufacture.
  • Leveraging our long-term partnership with suppliers, we offer great design flexibility and scalable support to optimize product competition.
  • MTI is ready to work collaboratively with you to deliver optimized solutions that fulfill the world’s most competitive communication sub-system, providing strong advantages and improvement to the customer’s operations.